Pastry Tools

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Make your home kitchen feel like a professional bakery with this selection of pastry tools from Sur La Table. These products can be used to produce all kinds of impressive baked goods, from pie crusts and tarts to biscuits, cakes and more. If you’ve been hoping to improve your baking results or branch out by trying new recipes, it’s time to stock up on specialty pastry tools like these. Browse through the complete collection to get inspired with ideas for delicious homemade pastries.

How to Make Pastries at Home

Buying pastries from a local bakery can be quite expensive. In order to make your own at home for fresher flavors and an affordable alternative, you need the right tools. Pastry tools can help elevate your baking to a new level. You can use a marble pastry board as a kind of baking table, allowing the cool surface to prevent sticking and melting. If you’re already using springform pans to make cakes, use an icing spatula and decorative bags with tips to get fabulous frosting effects. Use cookie scoops and biscuit cutters to plop perfectly portioned dough onto your cookie sheets. Dough scrapers, pastry cutters and pastry brushes make it possible to work with delicate pastries.

Top Brands for Pastry Tools

Find all the best brands when you shop for pastry tools on our site. Ateco and Wilton are both known for making some of the best cake decorating tools on the market. For tools that are easy to grip, allowing kids to get in on the fun, check out our OXO baking products. Our own Sur La Table pastry tools feature high-quality materials at price points that are affordable for any home baker. Choose a few new tools today to see what kind of sweet treats you can create in your kitchen.