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Take your favorite beverages to the next level with these tea, espresso and coffee accessories from Sur La Table. Each of these items is designed to make your drink as delicious as possible, whether it’s by adding a special touch to your tea or making it easier to maintain your coffee machine. Try something new to switch up your routine, or experiment with gadgets to see how they improve the flavor of your daily cup of coffee, tea or espresso. Learn more about these accessories to find out which ones might be right for your kitchen.

The Best Coffee Accessories

If you’re one of the many people who rely on coffee for a daily caffeine fix, you might as well make sure it tastes as delicious as possible. At Sur La Table, we offer a variety of useful espresso and coffee accessories that allow you to give your favorite drink a little boost of flavor and freshness. Consider using a milk frother to whip up instant lattes and cappuccinos. Use a powerful grinder to get the most flavor and aroma out of every bean. Find handy gadgets for cleaning your coffee maker or espresso machine in a flash. With a variety of great accessories like these from which to choose, you can easily make better coffee at home.

Benefits of Using a Tea Infuser

If you’ve been using tea bags to make your tea, it’s time you considered using a tea infuser instead. These reusable tea makers are popular with many tea lovers for a number of reasons. Tea infusers use loose-leaf tea, which has a higher quality that most tea bags. Infusers also allow the loose-leaf tea to be packed less tightly, providing more room for flavors to be released as it’s steeped. The full leaves in this type of tea are also associated with more health benefits. Shop at Sur La Table to find the best tea accessories for better tasting tea.