Jura Accessories

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Jura coffee makers are ideal for bringing the coffeehouse into your home. Each cutting-edge system is designed to deliver the superior taste and quality you expect from the finest café without leaving your kitchen. Once you’ve selected your Jura coffee machine, it’s time to stock up on a few essential accessories. In this collection, you’ll discover cleaning and maintenance supplies as well as accessories to upgrade your machine. Make sure you wake up with the best daily brew with these key Jura accessories from Sur La Table.
How to Clean Your Jura Coffee Maker

Jura allows you to whip up espressos and barista-level lattes with ease. Fortunately, it’s just as easy to maintain your machine. To ensure that your coffee maker runs smoothly and that your coffee tastes exceptional, there are a couple of key things you’ll need. Swap out the water filter cartridges occasionally to ensure that every drop in your drink is as pure as possible. We offer filters designed for each specific Jura machine, so make sure you have the right model before stocking up on replacements. As for cleaning the machine, Jura makes it a no-brainer with self-cleaning at the touch of a button. Simply insert the cleaning or descaling tablets to remove coffee oils and scale residue for the freshest cup of joe each day.

Experiment with Coffee at Home

Want to step up your coffee-making game? Check out Jura coffee accessories in our collection. You can experience a taste of luxury by pre-warming your espresso cups or coffee mugs, or get a dedicated milk container for fast, efficient frothing. These fun add-ons offer a great way to become your own barista and test new coffee drinks from the comfort of your own home. Shop the full collection of Jura products at Sur La Table for more inspiring ways to get your morning caffeine buzz.