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Take your tea obsession to the next level with quality ingredients and accessories from Sur La Table. We’re here to help you make the perfect cup of tea to suit your taste buds with as little effort as possible. If your daily cup seems to be lacking in flavor or too time-consuming to make, we’ve got a great solution to help you out. Learn more about our selection of loose-leaf tea, kettles and more to find just what you need to enjoy the best flavors whenever the craving strikes.

Tips for Making Tea at Home

Have you ever wondered why the tea at a café or coffee shop tastes so much better than what you make at home? The answer comes down to two things: equipment and ingredients. It helps to have a quality kettle that heats your water to the perfect temperature. At Sur La Table, tea kettles are available in electric and stovetop models to suit your needs. Each of these kettles has been expertly designed to deliver the best results for the optimal tea-drinking experience. Next, make sure you have the best ingredients by choosing from our loose leaf and bag tea. We offer quality products from brands like English Tea Shop and The Republic of Tea to make sure every cup is incredibly flavorful and aromatic.

How to Set the Table for Tea

When it’s time to enjoy your cup of tea, turn it into a soothing and satisfying ritual by taking the time to set the table. As your water heats, set out your teacup or mug along with a spoon and any other accessories you may need, such as a tea infuser. Place your ingredients in lovely containers, like a beautiful sugar cellar or ceramic container, to make the experience feel special. Set out a trivet for your teakettle set so you can keep it close by to top off your cup. These little steps can make it even more enjoyable to sit back and savor each sip of your tea made with quality equipment and ingredients from Sur La Table.