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To make a good cup of tea, you need to start with top-quality ingredients. This collection at Sur La Table includes premium loose-leaf teas and tea bags to make sure that you get the best flavors from every cup. Whether your tea helps you to start your day in the morning or relax in the evening, you’ll find that you look forward to it even more when you use these quality products. Check out the full lineup of flavors and discover more about our tea brands to find your new favorites.

Popular Tea Flavors

While some tea drinkers have their go-to flavors they return to again and again, others like to mix things up and try new flavors whenever they get the opportunity. At Sur La Table, we offer a variety of different tea flavors, including some of the most popular ones, to make sure you have plenty of options when it comes to making a fresh cup. Matcha is a tea that’s recently become more popular, especially since it’s loaded with antioxidants and tastes just as delicious whether it’s hot or cold. Oolong is another variety with a silky texture and complex taste. If you prefer the classics, you’ll find great options like Earl Grey, English breakfast and green tea in this collection.

Premium Tea Brands

We pride ourselves on finding premium teas that really deliver when it comes to flavor and quality. That’s why we offer loose tea and tea bags from brands like English Tea Shop and The Republic of Tea. English Tea Shop is known for its premium, organic blends made with the well-being of the planet in mind. With The Republic of Tea, you get award-winning products in specially designed air-tight, light-resistant tins. Shop for these and other top brands at Sur La Table for all your tea needs, including kettles and accessories.