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Cookware takes on a refreshingly stylish and elegant appearance with this Hestan CopperBond Cookware Collection from Sur La Table. If you’ve always felt your pots and pans need to be kept out of sight due to their dents, dings and scratches, this copper collection will have you flaunting your cookware once again. Each item in the collection features beautiful, two-toned copper and a polished steel exterior that’s modern and chic enough to keep on a hanging rack or even sitting on the stovetop between uses. Fortunately, this cookware’s upscale looks don’t mean you have to make sacrifices when it comes to performance. Discover the cooking possibilities that can open up in your very own kitchen when you use these pots and pans.

Induction Copper Cookware
With the Hestan brand, you know you’re always getting a quality, chef-approved product. This CopperBond Cookware Collection takes things up a level, offering some innovative features that even seasoned chefs are excited about. Made with a pure copper core, these pots and pans offer superior conduction that warms up lightning fast and heats evenly throughout. It promises better temperature control, producing more reliable results in the kitchen. In addition, CopperBond cookware features a wrap-around stainless-steel base for enhanced durability and induction efficiency. Inside, a nonreactive stainless-steel interior makes for easy cleanup and the flared rims offer a drip-free pour. Even the rivets are designed carefully, sitting fully flush with the surface to eliminate food buildup. It’s both a marvel of modern engineering and a handcrafted work of art that will look just as good as the meals you make with it.

Enjoy Cooking with Copper
Working with the Hestan CopperBond Cookware Collection is a joy. Ergonomic handles make pots and pans easy to maneuver and comfortable to hold. The stainless-steel cooking surface offers incredible versatility in the kitchen, allowing you to sear, braise and much more. And when you’re done, the pieces stack and nest together beautifully. Choose from sauté pans, skillets, saucepans and more to create your own custom Hestan CopperBond set, or check out the brand’s equally compelling ProBond and NanoBond collection.