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The Cast Iron Dutch Oven: The Original Multipurpose Pot

There’s a reason why your grandma, David Chang and everyone from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen all swear by the Dutch oven. This is the original multipurpose pot, an uber-versatile non-negotiable for anyone who spends any time in the kitchen. The fact of the matter is that Dutch ovens do it all—braise, stew, fry, sauté, slow cook and even bake fresh bread. By their very nature, cast iron Dutch ovens are meant to go with the flow, moving with ease from stovetop to oven, and—since many are made in brilliant enameled hues with spectacular designs—to table, too. Sur La Table is here to help you find the very best Dutch ovens, braisers and cocottes so you can experience their adaptability for yourself.

From Rustic to Enameled: Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Generally, Dutch ovens and cocottes are made with enameled cast iron materials. Think: the pretty, brightly colored Le Creuset and Staub Dutch ovens. These heirloom-worthy kitchen heavy-lifters are often the first pieces owned by lifelong Le Creuset and Staub collectors, and for good reason. They’re made with durable cast iron with a protective enamel coating that makes them remarkably consistent, versatile and long-lasting, so they quite literally can be used for a lifetime (or two). And with a rainbow of colors from which to choose, these eye-catching ovens look amazing on any stovetop or buffet.

Enameled cast iron Dutch ovens are super-durable and resilient, but you need to be careful when cleaning the interior to avoid scratching (that smooth, interior enamel is responsible for those even sears and perfect caramelization we all adore, so don’t risk it). Only use the cleaners and tools recommended by the oven’s manufacturer.

We offer Dutch ovens by the enameled cast iron masters, Le Creuset and Staub, but you’ll also find high-quality, trusted versions by Lodge, Dansk, All-Clad, SCANPAN, Zwilling and others in our selection. Sizes range from huge 15-quart Dutch ovens for roasting whole chickens and whipping up beef bourguignon to mini styles great for individual servings of winter soups and more. For inspiration, check out our list of recipes to make in your Dutch oven. At Sur La Table, we’re big proponents of the buy it for life philosophy, so we offer a variety of Dutch oven replacement parts, including replacement knobs, to help keep yours in use for years to come.