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Staub French Cookware and Bakeware

The quintessential must-have in French cookware and bakeware, Staub is an essential brand for any discerning cook’s kitchen. From its legendary Staub Dutch ovens to its cocotte dishes that are perfect for preparing and serving individual portions elegantly, Staub cookware, bakers and baking dishes are renowned throughout the world for their beauty and their well-made designs. Whether you’re cooking your family’s favorite meals or you’re trying out one of our 10 French recipes featuring some of our best-selling Staub cookware pieces, you can’t go wrong with one of these heirloom-worthy cookware and bakeware items.

The Best Staub Pots and Pans at Sur La Table

If you’re seeking versatility and durability, a Staub Dutch oven is a kitchen essential. Use the Staub Dutch oven to slow cook, braise, brown meats or to simply bake a casserole: you’ll appreciate the self-basting lid that consistently delivers incredibly juicy, tasty foods. Staub stoneware baking dishes are both functional and gorgeous color additions to your kitchen; they are able to withstand high heat while they retain their beautiful finishes. Cast iron is a favorite of chefs of all skill levels — from professionals to home cooks. Staub cast iron does not disappoint. Choose a Staub cast iron skillet, grill pan or other Staub pot for exceptional results that only improve with time. Staub cast iron resists rust, cracking and chipping and comes pre-seasoned for your convenience.

Staub: The Top Choice for Chefs Around the World

There’s a reason why Staub is the first choice for cooks around the world for their oven-to-table meal preparation, dinnerware and serveware. Choose from a distinct variety of colorful options at Sur La Table and cook delicious, hearty and warm meals for your friends and family.