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Entertain effortlessly with the help of these stylish bar supplies from Sur La Table. This collection of wine tools, cocktail glasses and other home bar essentials includes products from trusted name brands. The bar tools and accessories found in this collection can be used for enjoying a quiet night at home or hosting a big gathering with family and friends. Whether you want a simple glass of wine or a carefully crafted cocktail, we have the supplies to make your drink taste as delicious as possible. Browse through this collection to find everything you need for equipping your home bar.

The Best Supplies for Home Bars

If you’re planning to entertain, there are some essential supplies you’ll want in your home bar. First, make sure you have the right glassware. Our collection includes a variety of cocktail and wine glasses made specifically for various types of drinks, including champagne flutes, martini glasses, whiskey tumblers and highball glasses. Next, get the tools to make your drinks taste as delicious as possible. Use an aerator for serving wine and make sure you have a wine stopper handy to keep it fresh. A cocktail shaker is a must-have for achieving perfectly mixed drinks. Finally, use ice buckets and ice cube molds to make sure every drink tastes cold and refreshing.

Bar Supply Brands You’ll Love

If you’re searching for the best bar supply brands, you’ve come to the right place. At Sur La Table, we offer products from brands like Schott Zwiesel, which is known for its elegant and dishwasher-safe glassware handcrafted in Germany. Coravin is a must-have brand for wine lovers, especially since their products are designed to get the best flavor out of every pour. For serving up perfectly chilled drinks, check out ice buckets and other options from Fortessa. Make sure your home is fully equipped for a memorable gathering with bar supplies from Sur La Table.