Cocktail & Wine Glasses

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Every drink tastes better when it’s served in the right glass. Bring out the best flavors in your beverages with wine and cocktail glasses from Sur La Table. Our selection includes durable and elegant drinkware that you can use for all kinds of occasions. Sip from a beautiful chardonnay glass on a quiet night at home or serve up cocktails of all sorts during a festive gathering at your home. Whatever the occasion calls for, you’ll have the right glassware on hand when you shop for cocktail and wine glasses at Sur La Table.

Choosing the Right Glass for Every Drink

If you plan on entertaining in your home or you simply want to learn more about cocktails and wine, it’s important to have the correct glassware for each drink. These glasses are made with more than just sophisticated looks in mind. They’re actually crafted to enhance the flavors in each beverage. To stock your home bar, you’ll want to make sure you have the essential glassware in your collection. Start by getting some red wine glasses, white wine glasses and champagne flutes. To put together a cocktail glasses set, you’ll want some whiskey tumblers, martini glasses and highball glasses. Add a few beer and soda glasses to your home bar as well. That covers the essentials, but you can also consider adding specialty options like mint julep cups or Moscow mule mugs to your collection.

The Best Glassware Brands

At Sur La Table, you’ll find some of the top brands when you shop for cocktail and wine sets. With glasses, it’s important to get something that’s durable enough to stand the test of time. Our options include brands like Schott Zwiesel, which is known for its brilliant, handcrafted glassware made in Germany, and Riedel, one of the premier makers of stylish wine glasses and decanters. Shop at Sur La Table to find bar supplies from these and other trusted brands.