Double-Wall Glassware

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Sip in style. Double-wall glassware. Improve your morning brew with sleep and durable double-wall glassware made from heat- and cold-resistant glass.

Enjoy sipping your morning coffee from one of the lovely vessels in our collection of double-wall glasses from Sur La Table. If you love the aesthetically pleasing look of coffee in a clear glass but want your drink to stay warm or cold for longer, a double-wall glass is the perfect solution. Handmade with durable, chip-resistant borosilicate glass, our double-wall coffee mugs offer the best of both worlds when it comes to appearance and insulation.

The double-wall cup construction helps to keep drinks at the right temperature. Unlike a regular glass, a double-wall glass mug won’t let heat or cold escape as quickly. That means these glasses work for all kinds of coffee drinks, from a piping hot latte to an icy cold brew. Add a set of these double-wall drinking glasses to your drinkware collection to enjoy a fresh take on your daily coffee. These cups can also be used for any other drinks you want to keep warm or cold, including hot cocoa, tea, ice water, soda and more.