Ice & Wine Buckets

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Add a touch of style to your home while entertaining guests with an ice bucket for a bar or a premium wine bucket from Sur La Table. Keeping drinks perfectly chilled is easy with the help of these elegant bar supplies that are both functional and beautiful. Keep one situated on the countertop in the kitchen or place it right on the dining room table for easy access during a special meal. With a variety of sophisticated designs from which to choose, it’s easy to find a wine or ice bucket that complements your home’s décor, whether its traditional or modern. Browse through this collection to discover one that suits your tastes and your budget.

How to Use Your Ice Bucket for Parties

When you’re hosting friends and family, ice is one of the things that often gets overlooked when stocking up on party essentials. But when you have a dedicated party ice bucket on hand, you’ll always remember to keep this important ingredient stocked. Rather than forcing your guests to visit the kitchen to get ice from the freezer, give them an easier (and more sanitary option) by setting out a stylish bucket with a set of tongs. For the ideal setup, place your ice bucket next to some other drink essentials, including wine and cocktail glasses, alcohol bottles, mixers and a decanter. Doing so will allow your guests to pour their own drinks as they please.

The Best Way to Chill Wine Bottles

A ice wine bucket is the perfect place to quickly chill bottles for any event. Whether you’re having a leisurely family dinner on a quiet weeknight or you’re hosting a big party at your house, be sure to use your wine bucket to achieve the ideal temperatures for bottles you’d like to chill. One trick for cooling bottles more quickly is to fill the bucket halfway with ice, then pour in some water. That way, the bottle’s surface is in full contact with an icy bath, whereas just ice would leave air pockets that will slow down the cooling process. Find the best selection of stylish wine buckets and ice buckets for your home when you shop online at Sur La Table.

Novelty Ice Trays and Accessories

For your nightly cocktail or for an intimate gathering with a few friends, consider adding some unique ice solutions to your drink. Take your cocktails to the next level with products from W&P Peak, Tovolo and our house brand, Sur La Table. Create beautiful ice molds in varying shapes, including roses, golf balls, ice spheres and ice prisms. Your ice creations will be the talk of the party, guaranteed! These unique items are sure to become favorites in your barware and cocktail-making collections! We also carry traditional ice cube trays, such as the Peak Ice Works Everyday Ice Cube Tray, that will serve your daily drinks perfectly with their easy-to-use designs and durable silicone construction.

Insulated Ice Buckets from the Best Brands

When you’re searching for the best party ice buckets and novelty ice accessories from the very best manufacturers, Sur La Table simply must be your first choice to shop! Discover the top barware brands at competitive prices every day. Here you’ll find elegant ice buckets in multiple sizes, shapes and styles. Opt for ice buckets with protective lids, easy-to-transport handles and other thoughtful features that you’ll appreciate.