Crafthouse by Fortessa

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Thoughtful Designs, Craftsmanship and Durability

Sur La Table is proud to offer fine drinkware and tableware from Fortessa, a company inspired from its beginning in 1993 by the quality and craftsmanship of German porcelain. Since its humble start by the Hamberger brothers inside their parents’ garage, Fortessa has become a highly renowned source for fine kitchen, bar and dining implements, remaining true to its focus on thoughtfully designed, well-crafted and long-lasting products.

Perhaps the best way to appreciate the excellence of Fortessa products is to know the company’s founding belief—that some of our best memories happen around the table.

Charles Joy and Crafthouse—A Superior Mix

Crafthouse by Fortessa was conceived in collaboration with Charles Joy, world champion bartender and mixologist. The intent was to create barware collections that would elevate home mixology to the level of craft demonstrated in professionally mixed drinks. With meticulous attention and passion, Joy oversaw every step of the development of Crafthouse.

Home mixologists will appreciate Crafthouse’s complete line of professional-grade barware tools. With an eye to function as well as visual appeal, this line reflects the aesthetics of classic, Prohibition-era barware combined with contemporary ergonomic considerations. Their superior utility and handsome looks never fail to enhance the home bartending experience.