Revol Dinnerware

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Dinnerware with Exceptional Style and Performance

The high-temperature firing (1320°C/2408°F) of Revol porcelain makes it 100% non-porous. Because of this, it doesn’t absorb oils, liquids, bacteria or odors that can affect the taste and purity of food. With no other chemical additives or heavy metals—including lead—in the porcelain, Revol products are 100% food safe and don’t release any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Revol porcelain is renowned for its extreme resistance to chipping, rusting, peeling or scratching. Also resistant to thermal shock, the pieces go from oven to table seamlessly. Enjoy greater cooking freedom and versatility with dinnerware that is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. The smooth, resistant, naturally non-stick enamel glazes on Revol dinnerware make clean-up easier, too.

Superior Design and Seamless Serving

The variety of designs and elegant styles of Revol dinnerware provides so many options for beautiful place settings. Plus, their superior construction makes them ideal for serving, since the non-porous porcelain retains heat and keeps contents warm (or cold).

With Revol’s hands-on craftsmanship and quality inspections along every step of the manufacturing process, you can rely on their dinnerware to provide years of dining and entertainment pleasure.