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Give your dinnerware collection an instant upgrade with new bowls from this collection at Sur La Table. We offer a wide variety of stylish and unique bowls made from durable materials like ceramic, glass and wood. From ornate, elegant bowls you’ll want to save for special occasions to everyday staples that will become a familiar part of your family dinners, these bowls cover all the bases when it comes to memorable meals. Shop online to find a great selection of beautifully designed bowls and find out which ones are the best fit for your dining needs.

Which Bowl Material is Best?

There are a number of different materials included in our collection of dinnerware bowls at Sur La Table. It’s wise to think about how you plan to use your bowls when decided which material to choose. For outdoor dining, melamine offers a durable, shatter-resistant option that’s great for casual al fresco meals. Ceramic bowls have a timeless, elegant look and help to maintain a hot or cold food temperature while you eat. For dessert bowls, glass is a popular choice because its transparency allows diners to view the beautiful food inside, such as a carefully layered parfait or a delectable ice cream sundae. For a rustic touch, serve up salads, dinner rolls and more in a wooden bowl.

The Best Dinnerware Brands

Shopping bowls is easy at Sur La Table because we’ve limited our collection to only the most stylish and reliable dinnerware brands. You’ll love the stunning bowls from Staub, which offers durable ceramic dinnerware with a classic enamel finish. Add a sophisticated touch to your dinner table with artisanal glass bowls by La Rochère. Bring the beauty of porcelain to your meals with Revol bowls made in France. These and other trusted brands can be found when you shop for dinnerware and cooking supplies at Sur La Table.