La Rochere

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Crafted in France for over 500 years, La Rochère’s artisanal glassware pairs traditional looks with dishwasher-safe convenience.

Add an element of charm and sophistication to your dinner table with La Rochère glassware from Sur La Table. These gorgeous glasses are crafted in France and feature elegant designs that are sure to impress your family and friends. Each artisanal La Rochère glass features a distinctive look, and you can find a variety of glass styles to suit any occasion when you shop on our site. Browse through the complete collection to discover dozens of lovely La Rochère glasses for sale.

How to Find High-Quality Glassware

Don’t settle for generic glasses that don’t feature the durability you need and the style you crave. Instead, choose from this collection of La Rochère glassware to find premium quality combined with beautiful designs. For over 500 years, La Rochère has been making artisanal glassware in the heart of France. Each glass features ornate decorative elements, and some are embossed with French symbols such as the fleur-de-lis or a bee. This brand is known for creating glassware with exceptional clarity, durability and brilliance. The styles are timeless and, though the designs look delicate, these glasses are sturdy enough for use in busy households.

Types of Glasses to Buy for Your Home

One of the best things about La Rochère glassware is that it is available in so many unique sizes, shapes and styles. The classic tumbler and iced tea glasses by this brand are must-haves for any kitchen. To stock your home bar, be sure to select from an assortment of La Rochère wine glasses, highball glasses, shot glasses and champagne flutes. You can also find gorgeous glass coffee mugs, dessert bowls and more in this collection. Shop at Sur La Table to find elegant glassware from this sophisticated and historic French brand.