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Enjoy sipping all your favorite beverages from the perfect vessel when you choose from this collection of drinkware and glassware from Sur La Table. Whether it’s a flavorful cocktail, refreshing juice or crystal-clear water, every drink tastes a little better when it comes from the perfect glass. With plenty of styles and sizes from which to choose, you can create a unique collection of glasses for serving yourself and sharing drinks with family and friends. Want to learn more about which types of drink glasses to buy for everyday use or for entertaining? Sur La Table will help you determine how to the choose the kinds of drinking glasses and specialty glasses that are perfect for your needs and occasions.

The Best Types of Glasses to Have in Your Home

There are dozens drinking glass styles out there, but options are aways a good thing for everyday use. You don’t need to outfit your cupboards with every type of glassware styles, but you probably need at least a few drinkware options to suit your needs. Every kitchen should have a set of sturdy tumblers for drinking water and juice on hand. The Duralex Picardie Tumbler is a great option, and is one that our customers love. This highly rated tumbler is made from glassware that is 2.5 times stronger than ordinary glass and is extremely impact- and chip-resistant. Ideal for both hot and cold liquids, the Duralex tumbler is available in multiple sizes to suit your needs.

When it comes to outfitting your home bar, it’s wise to have a both a set of wine glasses and a set of basic beer glasses. Ideal for everyday use, the Schott Zwiesel Forte Stemless Wine Glass is great for wine, drinks on the rocks and water. Your cocktail glasses should also be tailored to the types of drinks you make regularly. The most common choices are rocks glasses, highball glasses and martini glasses.

Of course, the highlight of your morning routine is that first cup of coffee or tea. So why not invest in a high-quality set of Le Creuset mugs to enjoy it in?

How to Serve Drinks at Parties

Making individual drinks takes up a lot of time when you’re hosting a party. Instead of standing behind the bar all night, get a beautiful drink decanter that you can set out for guests to serve themselves. It’s so much easier to mix up big batches of drinks, whether it’s a fun cocktail or refreshing lemonade. If you choose a glass dispenser, make your drinks even more appetizing by mixing in some fruit, herbs and other colorful and fresh ingredients. Be sure to have all of the appropriate bar tools and bar accessories on hand, too, for a well-equipped party that will go off without a hitch!

Shop at Sur La Table now to find all the best drinkware and glassware for your entertaining needs.