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Add a stylish accent to your home while also protecting your tabletops by choosing from these drink coasters at Sur La Table. A coaster is a simple accessory, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as attractive as your dinnerware or your drinkware. Think of coasters as another element of entertaining by choosing something that looks stylish in your space to impress your guests. At the same time, your family will be able to use these coasters on a daily basis to keep table surfaces protected from marks formed by wet glasses.

Choosing the right coasters for the tables in your home is all about coordination. Think about which designs and materials will look best with the rest of the décor in your space. In addition, you may even want to swap out coasters based on the types of drinks you’re serving. For a casual backyard barbecue, wood coasters for glass tables on your patio look warm, rustic and inviting. For a dinner party, marble coasters provide a distinguished and sophisticated way to showcase your cocktail and wine glasses. Shop now to find the perfect Sur La Table coasters for your home.