Baking Cabinet

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Stock your cabinet of baking supplies with these food accessories and ingredients from Sur La Table. This collection features a wide variety of delicious baking mixes to help you make all kinds of delicious desserts and snacks at home. And to help keep all your baking essentials organized, you’ll also find a variety of food storage products. We even offer food gift packaging to turn your baked goods into special presents for your loved ones. Shop now to find inspiration for your future baking adventures.

Tips for Storing Baking Ingredients

With all the mixes, flours, sugars and other ingredients in your baking cabinet, it’s important to keep everything as fresh as possible. When your ingredients are properly stored, the flavors are locked in so you get the best results every time you bake. Our food storage products are ideal for all types of pantry items you have on hand. Use airtight containers to store everything from brown sugar and bread flour to oatmeal or cereal. Bottles and jars can be used to store oils and other liquid ingredients. Keep freshly baked loaves in a bread box to seal in the soft texture and delicious flavors. Reusable silicone storage bags and food wraps are another smart solution for storing your baked goods between snacking sessions.

How to Give Baked Goods as Gifts

Cookies, brownies, cakes and all kinds of other baked goods make wonderful gifts. By stocking up on some food gift packaging, you’ll always be ready to share your treats with loved ones. Use paper bread baskets to hand out fresh loaves of bread tied neatly with a string on top. If you’re using a woven or ceramic basket to put together a special food gift basket, consider keeping the items inside fresh with individual treat boxes. If you’re looking to make a larger food basket for a special occasion like a bridal shower, consider adding cute accessories like napkin holders or taper candles to really pamper the recipient. Your baking creations will be warmly received, especially when you present it in a beautiful way. Shop at Sur La Table to find these and other great food accessories.