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Brush up on your drink-making skills with this selection of unique beverage products at Sur La Table. These unique ingredients and supplies will inspire you to try something new. With a selection of products to make coffee, tea, hot cocoa and cocktails, you can experiment with new drinks or simply try a gourmet version of one of your old favorites. If you’re ready to start savoring every sip in a new way, shop for drinks and drink-making equipment at Sur La Table.

Tips for Making Coffee and Tea

Many people enjoy at least one cup of tea or coffee each day, whether it’s part of a caffeine fix or simply a way to unwind. At Sur La Table, we want you to enjoy every last drop of these cozy drinks, which is why we offer an extensive collection of coffee and tea products. Try using illy instant espresso for a convenient way to make a flavorful and fresh drink to start your morning. Get balanced blends of organic tea from The Republic of Tea to enjoy a soothing ritual each day as you sip from your favorite mug. For another twist on this classically cozy routine, consider checking out our gourmet hot chocolate collection, complete with tools for adding whipped cream or frothy milk.

How to Mix Cocktails at Home

In the mood for something boozy instead? Check out our collection of cocktail supplies at Sur La Table. In addition to the ingredients and kits you’ll find here, you can also shop on our site for quality craft cocktail equipment. You can use cocktail shakers and sparkling water makers to make sure every cocktail is perfectly mixed. When it’s time to serve, use our stylish bar glassware and top off the drink with ice from silicone ice cube molds and reusable stainless steel straws. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing cocktail on your own or you’re serving up drinks for guests at a party, our ingredients and equipment will make sure every drop tastes delicious.