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Create custom drinks with complex, delicious flavors with the help of these craft cocktail supplies from Sur La Table. Whether you’re in need of some high-quality cocktail ingredients or you want a simple, all-in-one cocktail kit, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a variety of bar supplies on our site, and these craft cocktail products can help to round out your bar, so you’re fully equipped for entertaining at home.

How to Make Cocktails at Home

Becoming a DIY mixologist is easier than you may think. It’s definitely possible for anyone to try their hand at creating simple craft cocktails at home. There are a few things you’ll need to make sure your drinks turn out just right every time. First, make sure you have a good cocktail shaker and a jigger for measuring out ingredients. A muddler is also a great tool for incorporating additional flavors into your beverages. Don’t forget about the glassware, either; each cocktail glass is designed to enhance the experience of enjoying a delicious drink. Make sure you follow the recipe to get the right ratios of ingredients as you experiment with this essential cocktail equipment.

For whiskey and scotch, minimal oxidation will take place due to the higher alcohol content. However, the decanter provides a practical place to keep the contents of a partially used bottle, especially since these drinks are consumed in much smaller amounts at a time compared to wine. A good scotch or whiskey decanter should have an airtight seal to preserve the flavor, as opposed to an unsealed white or red wine decanter.

Interesting Cocktail Ingredients to Try

Looking to try new cocktails? Stock your home bar with a few new cocktail ingredients to savor some fresh flavors. One of our favorites is ginger beer, which features the zesty bite of ginger in a bubbly, botanical mix. Combine it with vodka and lime juice to make a Moscow Mule, or try a variation by substituting vodka for dark rum (Dark ‘n Stormy), bourbon (Kentucky Mule) or tequila (Mexican Mule). Turn to Sur La Table for fun drink ideas as well as all the equipment you need to stock your home bar.