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Treat yourself to a truly decadent dessert with the help of Valrhona chocolate at Sur La Table. This delicious, high-quality French chocolate is sure to assist in satisfying your sweet tooth. Designed specifically for bakers and chocolatiers, Valrhona chocolate bars are intended to infuse delicious flavor into your confections. If you’ve been looking for premium chocolate to use in your favorite dessert recipes, be sure to choose from these Valrhona products.

How to Use Baking Chocolate

When it comes to baking, there are many types of chocolate available, from bars to chips to powders. Valrhona baking chocolate bars are one of the best options for getting a rustic, artisan feel to your baked goods. They can be rough chopped into a variety of flakes and chunks, making them perfect for folding into cookie dough or brownie batter. The results after baking are utterly delicious, especially when you use a chocolate with the right percentage of cacao. A darker chocolate will have a bittersweet taste that’s great for pie, pudding, ganache, mousse and more. A white chocolate bar has a much sweeter taste, so it’s perfect for combining with nuts and salt for a balanced flavor—think white chocolate macadamia cookies. You can put solid pieces from a Valrhona chocolate bar into a recipe or use a double boiler to melt down chunks without burning this gourmet add-in.

Premium Chocolate Ingredients

With Valrhona baking bars, you’ll be able to add some of the world’s finest chocolate to your baking recipes. Produced in a small village in France since 1922, this chocolate uses complex yet consistent flavors to deliver on its promise of chocolaty perfection. The aromatic elements and unique flavors make Valrhona chocolate bars some of the most popular choices for professional and home bakers alike. Stock up on this gourmet ingredient at Sur La Table today.