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Satisfy your sweet tooth with these delicious chocolate treats from Sur La Table. Our collection of chocolates features a wide variety of chocolate products, including classic chocolate bars, packs of decadent truffles, brownies, sprinkles and more. And with plenty of flavors from which to choose, you can easily find something you love. If you’re ready to upgrade from basic store-bought products to gourmet chocolate with rich, complex flavors that will tantalize your taste buds, browse through this collection at Sur La Table.

High-Quality Chocolate Bars

Are you looking for new ways to enjoy your all-time favorite candy? Our gourmet chocolate bars are great for snacking, but that’s only the beginning when it comes to enjoying these tasty treats. Consider crushing or melting one of these high-quality chocolate bars to use in a baking recipe. Just imagine how delicious it would be to bite into a cookie featuring chunks of rich dark chocolate or dip a juicy piece of fruit into creamy, melted milk chocolate. You can even break up a quality dark chocolate bar and place it alongside appetizers and cheeses to make the ultimate charcuterie board. That little taste of something sweet provides the perfect balance for the savory selections on your board. Get creative with incorporating high-quality chocolate into your recipes when you choose from the products in this collection.

The Best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Need a great gift for a chocolate lover? Sur La Table has you covered. Add it to a gift basket with a selection of other desserts and candies for a super-sweet and thoughtful present for birthdays, holidays and more. For smaller sweet treat, send a pack of chocolate truffles to a loved one to let them know you’re thinking of them. These and other chocolate gifts are easy to find when you shop at Sur La Table. Check out our collection of for sale chocolates online to find an assortment of flavors and varieties.