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Looking for something to give your favorite recipes a little extra oomph? Check out this selection of salts and seasonings to find your new secret weapon for the kitchen. With classic items for refilling your spice rack to unique options like popcorn seasonings and meat rubs, our collection features something for every home chef. At Sur La Table, we know just how essential salts, spices and other seasonings can be to the final results for every dish. That’s why we only feature high-quality products for your pantry on our site. Start browsing now to get inspired with new twists on your time-tested recipes.

Tips for Seasoning Meat

Whether you’re having a classic ribeye steak, pork loin or chicken breast, the key to the flavor is all in the seasoning. With the right ingredients, you can create an entrée that tastes just as delicious as something you’d eat in a restaurant. A great way to do this is to start by seasoning your meats early. Add salt, spices and rubs to the meat several hours before you plan to cook it. This allows the seasonings to penetrate the meat for a better flavor inside and out. Salt can also break down some proteins in the meat for a texture that’s tender instead of tough, and the salt even helps the meat stay moist. By applying these seasonings early on, it’ll be fully flavored by the time you put it on your grill or cast iron pan to cook.

Other Ways to Use Spices and Salts

Of course, meats are just one of the many dishes that taste better with the right seasonings. In addition, you can use these types of pantry staples to boost the flavor in everything from salads to snacks and beyond. For example, did you know that a few twists of your salt mill over a sweet dessert like cookies, brownies or even ice cream can enhance the flavor? Try out other ways to use spice rubs besides on meat, such as stirring it into refried beans, sprinkling it on top of baked mac and cheese or even mixing it into your salad dressing. Use this selection of salts and spices from Sur La Table to become an even better home chef.