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Put something special on the table with the help of these entrées from Sur La Table. If you’re been racking your brain for some creative dinner ideas, this collection is sure to inspire you. You’ll find a wide variety of meats, seafood and other entrées that can be delivered fresh to your door. So, in addition to getting gourmet ingredients for a special meal, you’ll be able to skip a trip to the grocery store to get the most important element of your recipe. Browse through our full collection of entrée ideas to find something that your whole family will love.
Tips for Putting Together a Dinner Menu

Coming up with a dinner menu can be more complicated than it seems. It’s tough to plan out meals for every day of the week, and when you’re having a special event like a dinner party or celebratory family meal, it can feel like the pressure’s on to serve up something unique. Fortunately, Sur La Table has plenty of meal ideas to help. In addition to a variety of appetizers and desserts, we offer a number of tasty entrée ingredients. These are gourmet cuts of meats and seafood that are sure to wow any guests you’re inviting into your home. Whether it’s a classic pork tenderloin, tender ribeye steaks or an impressive prime rib roast, the exceptional quality and flavor ensures that any dinner will be a hit.

Easy Meal Planning

If you’ve been searching for an easier solution to meal planning, Sur La Table has you covered. This selection of entrées is perfect for busy households who want to make sure a delicious dinner makes it way to the table every night. Order several products from this gourmet food collection to stock up on high-quality ingredients for upcoming meals. Each entrée can be frozen for later use, allowing you to keep a healthy supply of tasty dinners waiting in the wings. Shop at Sur La Table to find the ideal entrée for anything from casual family meals to your fanciest dinner parties.