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Make every meal as flavorful as possible with the assistance of these gourmet sauces and condiments from Sur La Table. Whether you want to try out some new recipes or put a fresh twist on some of your family’s favorite dishes, these spreads and sauces can give your meals a much-needed boost. Each one is packed with powerful flavors to help make you a more successful home chef. Put a smile on everyone’s face when you serve up meals made with these unique condiments and sauces.

Smart Kitchen Shortcuts

Creating homemade sauces and condiments can certainly lead to some delicious results, but it can be tough for busy individuals to find the time to make them. When you’re craving tasty foods but you can’t spare a few hours to watch your sauces simmer, reach for one of these delicious sauces for sale at Sur La Table instead. These products feature much more complex flavors than the typical sauces you find in supermarkets. Instead, they’ll deliver restaurant-worthy results to elevate your entrée. Whether it’s a spicy pizza sauce, a smoky BBQ sauce or an unbelievably flavorful pasta sauce, there products provide a handy shortcut for home chefs who are short on time.

Unique Gifts for Home Cooks

Another way you can use these sauces and condiments is to give memorable gifts for home cooks. Know a friend or family member who loves to experiment in the kitchen? Give them gourmet pesto, chutney or hot sauce as a holiday present. Products like a gourmet mustard sampler or a bottle Red Boat fish sauce make great gifts for hosts so you don’t show up empty-handed to a party. Choose from this selection of condiments, sauces and spreads to find other inspired gift ideas for any budget.