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End your meals on a sweet note when you choose from this selection of desserts, candy and other goodies from Sur La Table. These delicious foods are great for any occasion, whether it’s a special event or just a fun treat after a weeknight dinner. You may even want to snack on some of these desserts between meals to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Regardless of when you enjoy them, however, this selection of gourmet candy, desserts and more features the fabulous flavors you’ve come to associated with Sur La Table. Check out the full collection of goodies to find something that makes your mouth water.

Easy Dessert Ideas

If you’re planning a special meal, the dessert is one thing you shouldn’t stress about. Choosing from this collection of gourmet cookies and candies ensures that you can focus on your appetizers and main course. When it’s time for dessert, you can simply serve up one of these ready-made desserts that taste just as good as something fresh from the oven or the local bakery. Mini cheesecakes, petit fours and puff pastries are perfect for setting up a dessert bar for your guests. If it’s a more relaxed meal, consider choosing delicious brownies or frosted cookies. Several of these sweets are perfect for a fancy breakfast or brunch as well, including croissants and turnovers.

Affordable Desserts for Large Groups

When you have free time, it can be fun to get out your cake pans and baking sheets and bake up a storm. But when you need to serve a large group, our desserts for groups offer an affordable, time-saving alternative. Get dozens of cookies, mini cheesecakes or petit fours and serve them up to your guests. Rather than having to spend a lot of time creating desserts from scratch, you can serve a flavorful gourmet alternative that’s sure to be a hit with everyone in attendance. Choose from these delicious desserts to get satisfying sweets for any occasion.