Totes & Gift Bags

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Sur La Table makes it easy to bag up whatever you need to carry. From canvas tote bags that are sure to come in handy at the grocery store or the farmers market to gift bags for all the thoughtful presents you want to hand out, we’ve got you covered with a variety of tote and bag options available online.

Uses for Tote Bag

Tote bags have become the go-to option for all kinds of shopping. In addition to cutting down on waste by eliminating the need for paper and plastic bags, tote bags are stronger, so they’re able to hold more. They’re also great for any time you need to carry around a few odds and ends that don’t fit easily in your pockets or purse. You can even turn one into a gift tote bag by using it to wrap a present for a loved one. For example, you might place a housewarming gift of wine or flowers in a stylish tote bag from this collection. That way, the “gift wrap” becomes part of the gift itself.

Top-Rated Cooler Bags

In addition to our gift and tote bag options, you’ll find a variety of great cooler bags in this collection from Sur La Table. Featuring insulation to keep items nice and cold, these cooler tote and lunch bags are perfect for all kinds of situations. Use one to bring drinks and snacks to the beach or to carry your lunch to work. Bring along a cooler bag to a picnic in the park or bring one along for a road trip. With plenty of fun colors and different sizes from trusted brands like Cuisinart, there’s a great option for any foods or beverages you want to keep cold.