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Rosle garlic press
Inspired by Cooks
Professional-grade tools designed in Germany since 1888 and made from the highest quality stainless steel.

Someone once said, "A chef is only as good as his tools." Sur La Table is the destination for all your kitchen and entertaining needs. Planning on making a large meal, but feeling a little intimidated at the prospect? Fear no more because Sur La Table's got your back. You'll find all the tools and utensils you need to Make More and Gather Often at one of our 130 stores across the country or from the wide selection on Sur La Table.

Sauce Ladles and Spoons

The Rösle brand of cooking utensils is all about quality, sustainability, and great design. Sauce ladles and spoons are some basic items that any chef needs in order to create dishes that are nutritious, delicious and beautiful. The Rösle Dripless Sauce Ladle with Round Handle is made of durable 18/10 stainless steel that will never interfere with the flavor of your food and has an all-around pouring rim that ensures drip-free pouring. For serving side dishes and vegetables, a great spoon like the Rösle Vegetable Spoon always comes in handy. Also of 18/10 stainless steel, its convenient long handle makes serving your veggies look elegant and inviting.

Peelers and Can Openers

Peelers and can openers that work effectively every time and that are easy to use can make a cook's life much less frustrating. Trying to peel a tomato with a peeler that just isn't doing the job and that is taking half the tomato with it every time you peel does not make for a good cooking experience, so check out the quality peelers we have at Sur La Table instead. The Rösle Tomato and Kiwi Peeler has an extra-sharp double blade that will separate the skin from the fruit with ease and precision. Do you suffer from arthritis in your hands? Then the Rösle Can Opener with Plier Grip will be a joy for you to use. With its ergonomically shaped thumbscrew, turning is smooth and easy, and your can will be left with no sharp edges.