Fruit & Vegetable Tools

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Trying to get more fruits and veggies in your diet? One of the best ways to up your intake is to have handy tools that make it easier to eat your favorite produce. These fruit and vegetable tools from Sur La Table get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy the delicious, natural flavors these foods have to offer.

Creative Fruit and Vegetable Cutters

Fruits and vegetables come in an amazing array of different shapes and sizes. While their distinctive looks certainly make them more appetizing, they can also make them a little more difficult to peel and cut with your go-to kitchen knives. That’s where these fruit and veggie tools come in. They’re designed to make quick work of tedious tasks, whether it’s a fruit slicer designed specifically for strawberries or a vegetable cutting machine that turns potatoes, cucumbers and more into beautiful, thin ribbons. Hullers, pitters, choppers and other types of vegetable and fruit slicers are included in this selection as well.

Helpful Tools for Healthy Meals

It’s easy to create healthier meals when you have the right tools for the job. A salad spinner makes it easy to rinse and dry greens for a fresh salad that’s undeniably appetizing. With a juicer, you can create fresh fruit juices or squeeze citrus into a dressing or sauce. Even something as simple as a melon baller allows you to come up with fruit and vegetable ideas that the whole family will want to dig into. Shop now to find the best fruit and vegetable slicers along with other chopping and peeling tools for your home.