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Make your baking results even tastier by using one of these handy sifters from Sur La Table. This simple kitchen gadget can improve your baked goods with just one simple yet often overlooked step. This an affordable upgrade that every home chef should consider adding to their collection of tools.

Reasons to Use a Flour Sifter

If you’re serious about baking, it’s about time you started using a sifter for flour and other dry ingredients. Allowing the ingredients to run through the fine sieve in your sifter is, first and foremost, an easy way to ensure that no impurities make it into the final product. In the case of flour, it’s also especially helpful for removing lumps so you get a nice, smooth dough or batter with no little pockets of flour to mess up the intended flavors. Incidentally, sifting your ingredients also aerates them. Air is incorporated into the flour as it moves through the sieve, creating a lighter and fluffier texture. If you’re looking for that same result in your baked goods, you can bet that using a sifter will help.

The Best Sifters for Baking

When it comes to sifters, baking experts know that you don’t need anything too fancy to get the job done. This is an affordable and simple tool that is accessible for any baker, from professionals to beginners. When you shop at Sur La Table, you’ll find some particularly durable and well-made options to fill out your personal collection of baking tools.