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Kitchen Cooking Gadgets at Sur La Table

Never underestimate the value of a well-made kitchen gadget when you’re preparing food for your friends and family. The right cooking tool can simplify your food preparation experience, minimize messes and ensure that your foods are prepared perfectly. Sur La Table has a wide range of the best kitchen gadgets you’ll find online, all hand-chosen by our in-house experts.

Take a moment to find those tried-and-true must-haves, such as high-quality can openers, garlic presses and colanders. Or if you like to find new and unique cool kitchen gadgets that are both innovative and functional like electric salt and pepper mills, you’ll also find that our inventory is chock full of some great options.

Top-Rated Kitchen Gadgets You Need

Some of our top-rated kitchen gadgets include those that will help you slice, dice, sift and chop your vegetables and other foods with ease. Find premium mandolins, sifters and peelers here. Every cook, whether they’re a home cook or a professional chef, needs effective options for food storage, which is why we’ve added some food storage gadgets, including souper cubes, food huggers and salt keepers. Minimize messes with the right lids and splatter screens, which greatly reduce the amount of cleanup necessary. When preparing meats, candy and other foods in which temperature is of the utmost importance, you’ll appreciate the many different food thermometer gadgets available at Sur La Table.

The Best Kitchen Gadgets at Sur La Table

From mashers and salad spinners to juicers and misters, you’ll find the best kitchen gadgets at Sur La Table. Shop the brands you love and trust to deliver great results every time you use them, including OXO, Le Creuset, Lodge, KitchenAid® and Rösle. Stop by often to shop your go-to food gadgets or to see what’s new!