Splatter Screens & Lids

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Don’t let hot oil and other liquid splatters ruin your cooking experience. Ward off potential burns with this selection of splatter screens and pan lids from Sur La Table. It’s easy to find the right fit for any pot or pan, allowing you to prevent kitchen injuries while also keeping your kitchen cleaner. Find out why most of today’s serious home chefs have at least one splatter guard on hand for their everyday cooking needs.

Reasons to Use a Splatter Screen

If you haven’t tried a splatter screen before, you’ll be amazed at what a difference this kitchen gadget can make in your cooking. First and foremost, it’s great for kitchen safety. When oil, meat juices and other liquids hit a hot pan, they can shoot out at you and potentially cause a burn on your skin. Splatter screens keep everything contained, which makes it safer to cook at high heats on your stovetop. It also keeps oils from getting on your clothes and potentially causing stains. Using a splatter screen for cooking also helps with cleanup since it catches droplets before they fly out of the pan. This keeps your stovetop and your nearby kitchen counters, cabinets and flooring free from greasy messes that can accumulate over time.

Types of Splatters Screens and Lids

Silicone and stainless steel splatter screens are both quite popular for their durability. You can choose domed splatter screens over flat ones if you need more room for food in the pan. Classic glass lids are great for keeping on pots when you need to lock heat in, or you can use a silicone universal lid that fits multiple sizes of cookware. Choose from a variety of pot and pan covers when you shop at Sur La Table.