Thermometers & Timers

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Even the most delicious ingredients won’t come together to make a good meal without one simple thing: precision. To create tasty dishes that turn out perfectly every time, use food thermometers and kitchen timers for increased accuracy. At Sur La Table, you’ll find a great selection of options that range from classic and simple to innovative and high-tech to fulfill your kitchen needs.

Tips for Using a Food Thermometer

A thermometer is a useful kitchen tools for every home cook, but to get the most use out of it, it’s important to understand how to use one properly. Meat thermometers are important not only for making sure your food cooks correctly, but also that it’s safe to eat. A thermometer should be inserted at least ½ inch into the center of the thickest part of the food. To get an accurate reading, make sure it’s not touching any fat or bone. With the dial thermometer, you’ll need to wait about 15 to 20 seconds to get the correct temperature. For food thermometers, digital devices work more quickly, typically giving the temperature in about 5 seconds. Make sure the meat has heated to a safe temperature before eating.

Specialty Food Thermometers

Besides classic probe thermometers, which are inserted into the food to get the proper temperature, there are a number of other specialty options in our collection at Sur La Table. Thermometers with remote signals allow you to get a notification when the meat is cooked to a certain temperature. You can even get wireless devices and infrared thermometers, which can make it easier to monitor your food’s progress while it cooks. Check out the full collection to find the right kitchen gadgets for your cooking style.