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When following a recipe, precision is essential. That’s why we offer such a great selection of kitchen tools for mixing and measuring at Sur La Table. These accessories are designed to help you get the tasty results you’re craving every time you step into the kitchen. From delicious baked goods to mouth-watering meals, your kitchen creations will be even better when you use tools from our collection.

The Best Ways to Measure Ingredients

Did you know that different types of ingredients should be measured in different ways? Individual nesting measuring cups, for example, are intended for dry ingredients. The design allows you to use a flat edge to skim off excess and get the perfect amount. A measuring cup that has different amounts labeled along the side is intended for wet ingredients. The design eliminates the risk of spills and includes a handy pouring spout. When baking, consider upping your precision with a kitchen scale and measuring bowl set. Getting the ratio just right is essential in baking, and measuring by weight is the best way to ensure accuracy.

Mix Things Up in the Kitchen

When it comes to mixing, we have a wide range of options at Sur La Table. Measuring cups are only one part of the equation. Once the ingredients have been measured, you’ll need to put them in mixing bowls to get everything fully incorporated. You can also use smaller bowls for mise en place to make the cooking process go more smoothly. Browse our full collection to discover digital scales, glass measuring cups and much more. iron and aluminum.