Graters, Zesters & Peelers

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Create flavorful dishes with these helpful kitchen tools from Sur La Table. Graters, zesters, peelers and similar gadgets are sure to come in handy when fine-tuning your favorite meals. Whether you want a classic cheese grater for creating a yummy baked pasta or a zester for introducing subtle hints of flavor in your baking, you’ll find the tools you need when you shop at Sur La Table.

Ways to Use Zesters and Graters

Once you start using these kitchen accessories to spice up your meals, you’ll come up with all kinds of unique methods for adding flavor to your food. Add a hint of citrus to any dish with a lemon zester. Top cooking creations with a dusting of nuts or spices from a microplane grater. Use a peeler to deftly remove the skin from vegetables or create a load of shredded cheese for a plate of spicy nachos using a classic box grater. There are so many creative ways to use these grater, peeler and zester tools to make your meals more flavorful.

Easy-to-Use Kitchen Tools

All of the grater, peeler and zester tools in our collection at Sur La Table are designed to be user-friendly. Whether it’s a wide, ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip or rubber feet for stability, you’ll love the way these kitchen accessories make meal prep tasks easier. Choose from a variety of top brand names and thoughtfully designed products when you browse our selection of peeling, slicing and chopping tools.