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From eggs and batters to creams and sauces, there are plenty of potential cooking and baking uses for whisks. Kitchen utensils this important should never be an afterthought, so make sure you get high-quality whisks from the collection at Sur La Table. Our selection of whisks includes a wide variety of styles and sizes to accommodate various culinary tasks.

Types of Whisks and What They’re Used For

The most familiar type of whisk is the balloon whisk, which has thin wires and a bulbous shape. These are the multitaskers of kitchen whisks, offering a springy design that works for everything from eggs to whipped cream. French whisks have a slimmer shape and thicker wires, so they’re good at mixing heavier ingredients. Flat whisks and spiral whisks work well in shallow pans for mixing a sauce or roux. When baking, a dough whisk has a unique design that’s perfect for whipping up batters for pancakes, brownies, muffins and more.

Kitchen Whisks from the Best Brands

Whether you’re in a need of a new whisk to replace one that finally bit the dust or you’re looking to expand your collection of kitchen tools, we’ve got you covered. Choose from the whisks we have for sale to find the best fit for your cooking and baking activities. Our Sur La Table whisks are highly regarded for their durable designs and affordable price points. We also offer some of the best whisks from top culinary brands, including OXO, Tovolo, Rösle and more.