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Make your kitchen more efficient than ever before with high-quality, durable kitchen utensils from our collection at Sur La Table. With plenty of different options, including skimmers, tongs, wooden spoons and more, you can easily find any tools you need for cooking and serving. From classic stainless steel designs and wooden kitchen utensils to modern kitchen tools made from highly heat-resistant silicone, any home chef is sure to find the right kitchen tool to fit their needs.

Must-Have Cooking Utensils for Every Kitchen

When it comes to specialty kitchen tools, home chefs can pick and choose what they need depending on what recipes they want to tackle. But there are some basic utensils that should be in every kitchen, regardless of skill level.

  • Spatulas are high on the list of must-haves thanks to their versatility in mixing, spreading, scraping and more.
  • Food turners are wonderful for food prep. They are available for multi-purpose use or for more specific foods, such as fish fillets.
  • Tongs are another important kitchen tool that can be used far beyond just a backyard grill. A good pair of kitchen tongs will go from food preparation to serving in a jiffy.
  • Sur La Table utensil set includes brushes, ladles, spoons, turners and skimmers—just about everything you need to get cooking in the kitchen.
  • A kitchen brush is also a great kitchen utensil option to have on hand, especially if you frequently baste meats or need to brush butter on pastries and breads.
  • Ladles and spoons are must-haves to have on hand both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

Quality Kitchen Utensils from Top Brands

Choose from several respected brands when you shop Sur La Table’s collection of cooking utensils. Our own products, which include our house Sur La Table utensil sets, wooden spoons, tongs, turners and spatulas, feature excellent performance, long-lasting durability and budget-friendly prices.

In addition, you’ll find select items from trusted brands like Rösle, Tovolo and OXO. Shop now to find the best utensils for your kitchen. Piece together a custom set with your preferred products and specialty items that are customized to your specific needs, or find an all-in-one solution with a complete kitchen tool set.

While you’re shopping at Sur La Table today, why not check out our stylish and functional products to help organize your kitchen, along with your kitchen utensils and tools. We have an amazing line of utensil crocks from which to choose in a wide range of materials, including stoneware, stainless steel, wood and much more!