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The Wüstof company is a German knife-making company located in Solingen, Germany that has been making fine knives for seven generations. Founded in 1814, Wüstof makes a variety of knives for a chef's every need. A family-owned company, Wüstof is dedicated to making the best high-quality, forged knives for both personal and professional use. Why use a low-quality knife with a dull blade to chop your ingredients when you could make cooking a joy with great knives that make the job easy? Check out the web page at Sur La Table for a wide selection of these fine Wüsted knives.

Nakiri Knives

The Nakiri knife is known in Japan as the "Nakiri Bocho", which means "knife for cutting greens." However, the non-Japanese version is very popular in the west and offers a sharp, double bevel blade for cutting vegetables and leafy greens. The blade is thin, light and rectangular in shape with a blunted tip so that users are less likely to cut themselves. The Wüstof Classic Ikon Hollow-Edge 7" Nakiri offers you:

  • An innovative handle designed for comfort and control
  • Forged from one piece of tempered high carbon steel to ensure maximum strength
  • Hollow-ground edge creates air pockets between the food and the blade to prevent sticking

The Nakiri knife is perfect for neatly chopping vegetables, but you can also use it to cut fruit or cheese. It is an excellent all-around knife that any great chef should have in her collection.

Knife Sets

Nobody likes to eat a steak with a dull knife. When you spend money on a good steak, you want to sit down and enjoy it without fighting with every bite. That's why it makes sense to own a truly great set of steak knives like the Wüstof Classic Ikon set of 4 Steak Knives. These beautiful and efficient knives have an ergonomic handle that makes them easy to use as well as precision-forged, high-carbon stainless steel blades that resist staining and rust. Perfectly balanced for cutting with a minimum of effort, these fine knives will let you focus on enjoying the steak instead of dealing with the steak knife.