Cutting Boards

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For a home chef, creating the ultimate kitchen starts with the right tools. A great cutting board is a must-have to make sure you not only protect your countertops, but also have a safe and stable surface for all your cutting tasks. From classic wooden cutting boards to modern Sur La Table bamboo cutting boards and plastic cutting mats, our collection features a wide variety of options. Plus, you’ll find helpful accessories like conditioning oils and creams to keep your cutting boards in excellent shape.

Which Cutting Board Is Right for You?

The best cutting boards for your kitchen are the ones that actually suit your needs. First and foremost, think about counter space and storage options. You might love the look of a large, thick wood cutting board, but if you have nowhere to store it or it takes up half your counter, it’s probably not the right fit. For a storage-friendly solution, try thin cutting mats made from antibacterial plastic. Wood and bamboo do have a slightly softer surface, which can be a little easier on your knives and help hold ingredients in place. However, these boards require a little more maintenance with oil or cream conditioning, so take that into account before buying one.

Types of Wood Cutting Boards

If you decide to go with a wooden cutting board, you’ll find lots of amazing options at Sur La Table. Cutting board can be made from a wide variety of woods, from teak and acacia wood to maple and cherry. In addition to the different wood tones, you’ll also find an array of patterns and styles. Browse through the full collection at Sur La Table to find one that suits your needs and complements your kitchen style.