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Just add friends—from poolside to patio, our outdoor collections go wherever you do.
Want to take your grilling to the next level? Check out this collection of high-quality, affordable outdoor cooking equipment by Sur La Table. Each of these grill accessories has been carefully designed to deliver optimal results each time you step outside to cook. You’ll love that our grilling pans are so versatile and easy to use. Plus, they make cleanup a breeze by minimizing messes on your grill surface. Learn more about our outdoor cookware to find the best fit for your grilling needs.

Tips for Cooking Small Foods on a Grill

One of the biggest challenges with grilling food is that smaller items can easily fall through the grate, creating a mess that’s difficult to cleanup and causing you to lose part of your meal to the flames below. Fortunately, our team at Sur La Table has devised a handy solution. Our grill grids are designed to provide the perfect grilling surface for the foods that would otherwise be too small to grill over the grates. Cut up cubes of meat or dice up your veggies and place them on these grids to cook on any type of gas, charcoal or electric grill. Handles make these grill pans easy to move, and small slots allow for faster heating without food falling through. These must-have grilling accessories are available in a variety of sizes to work with any home grill.

How to Bake on a Grill

Did you know you can do more than just cook meats, seafood and veggies on your grill? With the right equipment, you can actually use your grill to bake as well. Sur La Table’s baking steel is designed with this goal in mind. It features exceptional heat conductivity so that the surface gets especially hot for a crispy crust. Use it to make bread, pizza and other baked goods on your outdoor grill or pizza oven.