Single-Serve Coffee

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If your first cup of coffee is the highlight of each morning, you’re not alone. That initial jolt of caffeine can set your day on the right path, which is why it’s so important to get it just right. A single-serve coffee maker allows for total control over every serving, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied from the first sip to the last. When basic black coffee from the community pot at work just won’t suffice, a single-serve machine can meet your precise needs. And at Sur La Table, we have some of the finest coffee and espresso makers coffee and espresso makers from which to choose.

Your Perfect Cup—Every Time

You want a rich, hot latte to start your day. Or maybe you need a little espresso pick-me-up around lunch time. Your instinct might be to stop at a nearby coffee shop, but in addition to the added expense, you’ll have to take time out of your day to get there and wait in line. But what if you had the convenience of a coffee shop in your own home? That’s precisely what you get with a high-quality single-serve coffee maker. These devices whip up caffeinated coffee drinks customized to your preferences. You can have a freshly brewed cup at the touch of a button. From cappuccinos and lattes to espressos and flavored coffees, there are a variety of exciting options from which to choose.

Coffee Makers with Fantastic Features

In order to create all those personalized coffees, you’ll want the very best features. Our selection of single-serve coffee makers includes options that will allow you to experiment with a wide variety of caffeinated drinks. You can choose a machine that uses capsules to easily create drinks in different flavors. For those who prefer fresh beans, a built-in grinder offers added ease. Select a system with a milk frother to whip up delicious lattes and cappuccinos. With the right coffee maker, you can get your daily coffee fix faster and with better flavor than ever before.