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Enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juices in the comfort of your own home with a juicer from Sur La Table. Instead of shelling out extra for fresh juices at a local store, make your own easily and affordably by using one of these small appliances instead. You get total control over the ingredients and flavors, making it easy to customize your juice just the way you like it. Plus, you’ll love how easy it is to get plenty of healthy foods into your daily diet using one of these machines. Find a great juicer for your kitchen when you browse through this online collection featuring top brands like Breville, Kuvings and Hurom.

Drinking Your Daily Fruits and Veggies
Even when you’re making an effort to eat healthy, it can be touch to add enough fresh produce into your diet. With a juicer, however, you can easily enjoy a high volume of fruits and vegetables each day in a simple, delicious drink. Using a juicing appliance helps you to create fresh, flavorful juices that are packed with vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Because your produce is pulverized to extract the juices, it also makes it easier to digest all that produce on a daily basis. Many people also find that juicing veggies along with fruits makes them much more appealing. If you’re not the biggest fan of certain vegetable flavors, combine them with your favorite fruits for a sweeter taste.

Find the Right Juicer for You
Not sure which type of juicer you need? Sur La Table offers a wide variety of designs, features and price points to help you get a great fit for your kitchen. You can find simple citrus juicers made for pressing fruits. A slow juicer makes it easier to enjoy a wider variety of juiced fruits and veggies. If you’re looking for “the works,” choose a deluxe juicer that can accommodate whole produce and collects pulp in a separate bin for easy disposal. Shop now to discover an essential appliance to help you boost your fruit and veggie intake.