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Prepare your baked goods for success with paper baking products from Sur La Table. From classic parchment paper sheets to cute and colorful cupcake liners, we offer a range of paper products to make your baked goods turn out as beautifully as possible. With the right type of paper, your bread loaves, cakes and other delicious desserts will taste and look their very best. Browse through our collection to discover the different types of paper products available for home bakers.

The Benefits of Using Parchment Paper in Baking

One accessory that every kitchen needs is plenty of parchment paper. This paper is resistant to moisture, so it can help keep baked goods from getting too greasy. It also turns any bakeware into a nonstick surface. Cut a piece to line your baking sheets before making cookies, or trace the bottom of your cake pan, cut out the shape and fit it in the bottom to keep cakes from sticking. Parchment paper can be especially helpful when baking any type of delicate pastry, because it’s much easier to remove without cracking or crumbling. As an added bonus, parchment paper can assist with even baking and helps to prevent excessive spreading when making cookies and pastries.

The Best Baking Cups for Cupcakes

Paper baking cups can make your work much easier when baking cupcakes or muffins. Simply them into your cupcake pans and muffin tins, fill with batter and bake to perfection. The cups prevent sticking, so you won’t need to add fat to the sheet that could potentially seep into your baked goods. Paper baking cups also provide a more sanitary way to share treats, and colorful varieties can add a pop of personality to special celebrations. We also offer paper baking liners for other delicious baked goods, including bread loaves. Find the baking tools and equipment that you need for any recipe when you shop online at Sur La Table.