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Enjoy a delicious jolt of caffeine with the help of these coffee and espresso products from Sur La Table. We have everything you need to make your perfect cup of joe right in your very own kitchen. From all-in-one cappuccino and espresso machines with the most advanced features to premium coffee beans and grounds, you’ll feel like a barista in no time. Explore our complete collection of products and learn more about the brands of coffee makers available on our site.

Ways to Make Coffee at Home

There are a number of options when it comes to brewing your own cup of coffee or espresso. Classic drip coffee makers are incredibly easy to use and great for families who like to share the same type of coffee. For a customized result in every cup, a single-serve coffee machine that uses coffee pods is the best option. If you like coffee with frothed milk, check out our espresso machines that can add a foamy, creamy element to your drink. Prefer a handcrafted coffee to something made in a machine? We’ve got you covered with French presses as well as products to make pour-over coffee or stovetop espresso.

The Best Coffee Maker Brands

Our selection of trusted brands includes some of the top names in coffee. For the best drip coffee makers with affordable price points, check out our products by Cuisinart. Breville makes some of the most innovative coffee and espresso makers featuring advanced technology for those who aspire to make specialty coffee drinks at home. For one-touch convenience that delivers grab-and-go coffee just the way you like it, select a coffee capsule-compatible Nespresso machine. Find these and other reliable brands when you shop online at Sur La Table.