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Make sure every cup of coffee is as delicious and flavorful as possible with these pour-over coffee makers and drip brewers from Sur La Table. Both of these coffee-making methods are capable of producing tasty beverages for powering up in the morning or winding down after a delicious meal. You’ll love that these kitchen gadgets also take up minimal space, ensuring that you can make the most of every square inch in your kitchen. Learn more about drip brewers and pour-over coffee makers and find the best fit for your coffee routine.

What Is Pour-Over Coffee?

Pour-over coffee is a method of making coffee that strips everything down to the basics. Instead of using a larger machine, you use a compact and streamlined setup to slowly pour hot water over the coffee grounds. Many people find that this leads to an especially flavorful cup of coffee. It also provides more control compared to an automated coffee maker, which gives every cup a handcrafted, customized taste. It’s easy to experiment with different coffee grounds, coffee-to-water ratios, water temperatures and other factors to create your ideal cup.

The Benefits of Drip Brewers for Coffee

Drip brewers, which work similarly to pour-over coffee makers, offer a number of perks for your daily cup of joe. As with French presses, the super-simple process typically involves just a cup, a filter and a funnel, so it’s easily transportable for making coffee anywhere, anytime. The streamlined design takes up very little counter space. Clean up is simple and no electricity is required. It’s also incredibly affordable, so many coffee lovers have both a drip brewer and a traditional coffee maker to allow for more options when it comes to their caffeine kick. Choose from this collection of high-quality pour-over coffee makers and drip brewers to discover a new way to brew your favorite roasts.