Carbon Steel Cookware

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When durability is a priority with your kitchen equipment, you can’t go wrong with carbon steel cookware. At Sur La Table, we’re big fans of this type of cookware that’s capable of heavy-duty use. In fact, it’s been a favorite in restaurant kitchens for years due to their long-lasting durability. Learn more about what carbon steel pots and pans have to offer and how they can be useful for a home chef.

Benefits of Carbon Steel Cookware

Carbon steel pans are most similar to cast iron pans, both of which develop a natural nonstick surface. However, carbon steel cookware tends to be slightly lighter in weight and smoother on the surface. Carbon steel heats up quickly and transfers heat well, so it’s a great choice for browning and searing. The solid metal construction also makes the pots and pans particularly versatile since they can be used on the stovetop, in the oven or even under the broiler. That allows you keep your food in a single pan even when it’s being moved from one location to the next during the cooking process.

The Best Carbon Steel Cookware Brands

At Sur La Table, our collection of carbon steel cookware features some of the top names in the culinary industry. You’ll find pots and pans from legendary manufacturers like De Buyer and Lodge when you shop on our site. Browse the full collection now to find heavy-duty cookware without the heavy lifting required for traditional cast iron.