Induction Cookware

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Do you have an induction cooktop in your home? Then you’ll need to have a set of quality induction cookware on hand. This type of cookware is uniquely designed to work with induction cooking, so it delivers the best possible results time and time again. At Sur La Table, we offer an amazing selection of induction pots and pans to help you expand your capabilities as a home chef.

What Is Induction Cooking?

If you’re new to cooking on an induction stove, it helps to understand a little bit about how they work. With induction cooking, an electromagnetic field is created between the magnetic coils below the cooktop surface and the pot or pan on top. That electromagnetic field then generates heat. There are a number of benefits to this type of cooking, especially the fact that the cooktop doesn’t get hot and is therefore safer to use. In addition, induction cooking helps foods heat up more quickly even though the cooking surface remains cool. It’s also more energy-efficient compared to gas and electric stovetops.

Induction-Compatible Cookware

Induction cooking requires certain types of pots and pans in order to work properly. Cast iron, enameled cast iron and most stainless steel cookware is compatible. Other types of cookware, such as copper or aluminum, must have a magnetic bottom to use with induction heat. If you want to make sure you get cookware that’s compatible with your cooktop, shop this selection of induction pans and pots at Sur La Table.