Microwave Cookware

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Microwaves aren’t just for heating up last night’s leftovers. Turn this kitchen gadget into a helpful cooking tool with these microwave cookware products from Sur La Table. You’ll be amazed at all the things you microwave is capable of accomplishing when you need to cook a meal quickly. There are plenty of tasty items you can enjoy in just minutes when you have the right products to help. Master the art of the microwave once and for all by shopping for specialty cookware products in this collection.

Microwave Your Way to Delicious Food

Who knew the microwave could help you create delicious meals and snacks? If you want to spare yourself the cleanup of a bunch of pots and pots and time spent over the stove, consider giving your microwave some extra tasks to tackle. Make family breakfasts easier to accomplish with a microwave bacon maker. Give your grill one less job for the cookout by using a microwave corn cooker. Rediscover the delights of seafood, vegetables and other ingredients with a microwave steamer. These simple products can revolutionize the way you cook when you’re short on time. And of course, when you need the ultimate instant snack, a microwave popcorn popper is sure to do the trick.

Buy from Trusted Brands

Make sure you get microwave cookware that’s built to last by choosing from this lineup of top-rated products. Our products are carefully selected from only the best brands, including Lékué, Tovolo, Imusa and more. Plus, we even have options from our very own Sur La Table brand. All of the products in this collection are made with top-quality materials and designed to make cooking as convenient and speedy as possible. Shop on our site today to discover time-saving microwave gadgets you never knew you needed.