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From Wok Pan to Egg Poaching Pan: Get Creative with Specialty Kitchen Gear

Here at Sur La Table, specialty cookware is our specialty. We pride ourselves in helping everyone from beginners to pro chefs find the exact tools for their culinary vision, especially when stepping out of the day-to-day cooking routine and into something new and exciting. In our selection of specialty cookware, you’ll find horizon-broadening cooking tools and utensils that help you expand your skillset and add more to your recipe box. From a durable carbon steel wok to a purpose-built egg-poaching pan, these brilliant problem-solvers help you keep things fresh.

Specialty Cookware and Accessories

This array of specialty cooking products includes an assortment of specialty cookware, including durable woks that help you take your stir-fries up a few notches. But that’s not all these incredible pans can do. With a classic stainless steel or nonstick wok pan, you can whip up beautiful fried rice, noodles, stews, roasted nuts and so much more with professional results. Learn more about wok pans. This selection also includes egg-poaching pans, baking steels, fish pans, double boilers, chef’s pans, pizza stones, fondue sets and more of those once-in-a-while tools you break out for special occasions or when you want to experiment.

Looking for something super specialty? Narrow down our selection to find everything from mess-saving splatter screens and lids to versatile steamers. We even have a huge array of microwave cookware that enhances all your microwaving endeavors, including making popcorn, warming tortillas and even making corn, bacon and omelets in the microwave. We’re constantly expanding our array of specialty items to include brilliant extras that sharpen your kitchen skills, so be sure to check back often for more from Sur La Table.